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Print on a single A3 paper sheet a two pages A4

Import one or two files (Photo, Picture, PDF, Word or Excel) that is two A4/Letter sheets long and have it printed on a single A3 sheet deciding if it has to be centered or aligned to top,bottom, left, right, top/left,.. or even "doubled" so I have two "long" posters side by side on a singlesheet of paper.

Gino Manganello , 12.02.2016, 07:52
Idea status: under consideration


RonyaSoft, 15.02.2016, 11:26
Looks like it is reversed idea of software. We just recommend to use FinePrint virtual printer for this purpose.
Gino Manganello, 11.03.2016, 18:29
I'll explain with a link as a picture is better than one thousand words.
I'd like to make a small poster (and NOT stickers) like this:


the idea of putting two posters on a single sheet is just for the ethics of NOT wasting paper, not to create some sort of booklet or dual pages like FinePrint. I know that this can be accomplished using two A4 sheets and some glue but using a single piece of paper, when possible, looks better and I cannot find any software that does what I requested even on OS X and Linux (I mean something with a GUI).

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